Scope of Work

Anticipated Scope of Work for a Five-year Contract

The contractor effort will be along these lines:

  • Provide full life cycle development (i.e., requirements analysis, design effort, development / integration, testing, and documentation production) of the GLIN 2 system per the scope of work and requirements in this RFI and the subsequent RFP

  • Populate and deploy the GLIN 2 System, to include one or more cloud-based central sites and numerous in-country Stations in accordance with the anticipated growth in member countries and languages as described in the Vision for GLIN 2, above.

  • Support planning and design of the future of the GLIN 2 System after initial deployment to include technical studies related to future GLIN 2 enhancements

  • Maintain, operate, and provide support services for the GLIN 2 System for the life of the five-year contract plus optionally 4 more years – to include system administration services

  • Support training and marketing activities for GLIN to include support for an annual meeting of the GLIN members

  • Support the development of GLIN partnerships such as promoting membership, partnerships and cooperative agreements

  • Provide and operate a 24 X 7 help desk with follow up engineering and training related services