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Status of GLIN 2 Activities

The GLIN Foundation previously released a Request for Information to assist in the preparation of procurement package for the development of the next generation GLIN Network, to be known as GLIN 2. As a result of that activity the Foundation has selected the Development and Operations contractor as well as support contractors to help with the activities associated with bringing GLIN 2 on-line. Ideal Innovations, Incorporated of Arlington, Virginia, USA, is the contractor responsible for the development and operations of the GLIN 2 system. The Foundation is still working on funding this contract.

In the interim the Foundation has started a Yahoo Group site for the exchange of ideas, questions, suggestions, etc. relative to GLIN 2. The Yahoo Group, GLIN2, is free and open for anyone to join and participate. If there are inappropriate comments added then the Foundation will consider a process that requires pre-approval for posting to the GLIN2 Group.

If you would like to receive an invitation to join the GLIN2 Yahoo Group – please send an email, with the subject line “Invite Me to the Yahoo Group” to George Spina at, or to Peter Higgins at In either case you will receive an invitation from Yahoo that bears the name Peter20008 as the sender.