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Report from Latin America

The Latin American countries have the longest experience of GLIN where a considerable investment effort has gone to set up comprehensive programs aimed at building up access to legal information by strengthening the management capability and performance of individual national congressional libraries; by modernizing the information architecture; by enhancing the advisory service capabilities offered to parliaments; and by strengthening the linkages between the national parliaments and the citizenry.  Many countries have developed their information systems using the GLIN platform; others, such as Chile, have developed fully operational legal information systems of their own.  But in both cases these programs (1) provide support to local parliaments; (2) allow individual citizens and other stakeholders to access information in a user-friendly and simplified manner under such programs as “Your Government Legislating for You;” and (3) provide electronic linkages to other and related governmental services associated with laws and regulations and their actual application and interpretations as found in judicial decisions.

The GLIN Foundation is in preliminary discussions with the Inter American Development Bank (IDB) to explore funding approaches for the GLIN 2 system when it becomes operational.