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Report from Latin America

The Latin American countries have the longest experience of GLIN where a considerable investment effort has gone to set up comprehensive programs aimed at building up access to legal information by strengthening the management capability and performance of individual national congressional libraries; by modernizing the information architecture; by enhancing the advisory service capabilities offered to parliaments; and by strengthening the linkages between the national parliaments and the citizenry.  Many countries have…
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Report from Africa

In Africa, for the first time: (a) judges can learn about the law meant to govern their decisions; (b) the administrative offices of governments can see the rules they are required to apply; (c) citizens are empowered to take note of their rights -- even in remote regions of a country, which are devoid of any kind of ordinary infrastructure (Congo-Kinshasa, for example); (d) judgments be recorded and thus a…
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Status of GLIN 2 Activities

The GLIN Foundation previously released a Request for Information to assist in the preparation of procurement package for the development of the next generation GLIN Network, to be known as GLIN 2. As a result of that activity the Foundation has selected the Development and Operations contractor as well as support contractors to help with the activities associated with bringing GLIN 2 on-line. Ideal Innovations, Incorporated of Arlington, Virginia, USA,…
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