Frequently Asked Questions

How can one become a member of GLIN?

Countries and international organizations interested in participating in GLIN 2 should send a letter of interest/intent to the Foundation's President, Mr. George C. Spina.  Those expressing their interest now, during the formative stages of GLIN 2 will be considered as Founding Members and will have an opportunity to shape how the project unfolds. Three countries have already agreed to be involved in the development and initial testing of the GLIN 2 System: Burkina Faso, Romania, and Tunisia.

Will GLIN 2 access be available to academicians?

The intent is to provide access, but the details need to be worked out.

Will GLIN 2 be available to citizens of various countries?

The intent is to provide access, but the details need to be worked out.

How transparent will the database be?

Member countries will pledge that within the GLIN 2 database, information on all laws and regulations will be open, comprehensive, fully updated and timely, freely available to the public and meeting basic authenticity and open data standards.

Who will have access to the database?

GLIN 2 will provide user friendly public information on enacted laws and regulations and will be updated to contain draft legislation to facilitate citizens’ informed public debate, provide for their input and other contributions which will lead to more responsive, innovative and effective governance through the proper consideration of draft legislation and the reform of existing law.

Will GLIN 2 enhance government accountability?

GLIN 2 will provide for the widest dissemination of rules, regulations and will enhance the mechanisms available to encourage government actors to account for their actions, respond to citizen feedbacks and requirements made of them and to accept responsibility for the performance of their duties and obligations under the rule of law.

Will the database be open to the citizens of Member States?

The GLIN 2 members will undertake to provide the vehicles and associated capabilities necessary to provide their citizens with open access to technology as well as access to the information provided within the GLIN database.v

How do I contact the GLIN Foundation?

George Spina, President
GLIN Foundation
1844 Columbia Road NW
Suite 101
Washington DC 20009

Call: 202-232-4630
Email: gspina@glinf.org